Summer K-6* Program

Welcome to our Summer K-6* Program! Join us for an enriching journey from May 23 to August 14, packed with exciting activities to ignite young minds. 

Explore the world of literature with our engaging Reading Buddies sessions, where our school age readers delve into captivating tales with younger classrooms and enhance the reading skills of both age groups.

Unleash creativity and innovation through hands-on STEAM Adventures, where young learners dive into Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math projects.

ALL ABOARD! – Join us for thrilling Adventures Beyond, as we embark on captivating field trips to discover the wonders of our community and beyond. (Small fees may apply.)

Delight in the art of cooking with our Culinary Quests, where budding chefs whip up delicious recipes and explore diverse cuisines.

Be inspired by thought-provoking Visionaries Talks, as we welcome esteemed guest speakers from our community to share their knowledge, insights and excitement with our young audience.


Get your hands dirty and nurture green thumbs with our Garden Explorations, where children connect with nature through fun gardening activities and giving back to the community.

Join us for an unforgettable summer of Learning, Laughter, and Growth!

*We are licensed for children through 11 years old.

Commitment to Program/Environment:

At Bright Beginnings we provide a clean, safe and secure environment offering children enjoyable, hands-on activities designed to encourage exploration and growth while building self-esteem. Our program focuses on helping young children enhance their gross and fine motor skills and use all senses in learning. We do this with projects, circle times, group play activities, and free play. At Bright Beginnings, our classrooms are organized to maintain a clean, colorful, organized, child-sized and safe environment in which the children can trust and belong. Centers are structured to allow for group spaces, as well as individual play and development.