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Christian Education Program

We believe that children and their families benefit greatly from our “Christian Education Program.” Through the use of fun crafts, games, learning activities, stories and service projects, the children experience the joy of learning about good Christian values such as love, kindness, compassion, respect and honesty.

Music and Movement

In our Music and Movement classes children are engaged in singing, playing rhythm instruments, listening to music, learning finger plays, poems and nursery rhymes, dancing and movement activities, as well as creating their own music, songs and dances. Many aspects of music and movement are important to and support the development of our children, from creating neurological pathways to encouraging social interactions to broadening the children’s learning experiences.

The goals of the Music and Movement program are several fold, incorporating and spanning both music education and movement development. The program offers many opportunities for the child to:

  • enjoy participating in musical and physical activities
  • express themselves with music through song and playing instruments
  • communicate ideas and feelings through movement
  • be exposed to a variety of types of music through listening, singing, and playing music
  • become aware of their body, how they move, learn body parts
  • work cooperatively to share instruments and the space for movement
  • improve their quality of movement: fine and gross motor skills, locomotor and non-locomotor movement
  • develop memory skills through learning songs and dances

Music and Movement activities include singing songs, playing and manipulating rhythm instruments, using American Sign Language, practicing active listening to listen to, identify and discriminate sounds based on pitch, timbre and dynamics, practice and develop keeping a steady beat, think creatively to express an idea using musical elements and instruments, discover new ways of musical and physical expression, use of props such as scarves, bean bags and ribbons to develop motor skills and creative expression, practice following direction as well as problem solving

Music & Movement Schedule

Monday: No Music and Movement

Tuesday: Old Seward

Wednesday: Abbott

Thursday: Jewel Lake

Friday: Eagle River

Dance Class Schedule:

Dance Class is on Mondays – all sites